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Editorial Guidelines

  • The Great Falls Iniwa is the official student-produced website of news and information published by The Iniwa editors, webmasters and writers. The Iniwa has been established as the designated public forum for student editors and student writers to inform and educate their readers as well as for the discussion of issues of concern to their audience.
  • The Editorial Board, which consists of the Editors-in-Chief, Webmasters, and Assistant Editors will determine the content of the Web site and all unsigned editorials; therefore, the material (including material from client publications) may not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of Great Falls High or Great Falls High School District faculty, administrators or the Board of Education. Signed articles, blogs, podcasts, reviews or other types of personal expression represent only the opinions of individual authors.
  • Student journalists on The Iniwa staff will publish only legally protected speech, following the legal definitions of libel, obscenity and invasion of privacy. Consistent with Great Falls Public School Board Policy Number 3221 regarding student publications, the staff also will refrain from material (including submissions from the community) which so incite students as to create a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts on school premises or the violation of lawful school regulations, or the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school.
  • The adviser of The Iniwa will supervise production and offer advice and instruction to help the staff meet professional standards of English and journalism, and to maintain the other provisions as required by Great Falls Public School Board Policy Number 3221 regarding student publications The adviser will not determine the content of the site. School officials shall not fire or otherwise discipline advisers for content in student media that is determined and published by the student staff.
  • School officials are not responsible for the content of the publication; consequently The Iniwa will not be reviewed, restrained or withheld by school officials prior to publication. Because the staff will control the content of the publication, it will therefore also take financial and legal responsibility for what is published either in print or electronically, with one significant exception: In the case of material that appears on Iniwa but originates from one of the client publications, the client publication and individual authors will assume financial and legal responsibility for what is published. This policy will be made clear to students working on the client publications each semester.

Ethical Concerns

  • The Iniwa staff will work to meet the standards set by the Canons of Professional Journalism developed by the Society for Professional Journalists. These canons include a code of ethics concerning accuracy, responsibility, integrity, conflict of interest, impartiality, fair play, freedom of the press, independence, sensationalism, personal privacy, obstruction of justice, credibility and advertising.
  • The Iniwa staff will not alter the content of news photos through technological or other means. Image enhancement for technical clarity is always permissible. Photo illustrations are acceptable, but should be clearly labeled. Likewise, the staff will not stage or re-create news events for photographs.
  • The Iniwa staff will not publish images or other work without properly crediting the creators of that work and obtaining reprint/rebroadcast permissions of copyrighted work. Fundamental copyright permission for student work is implied in the relationship between The Iniwa and its client publications.
  • The Iniwa will not tolerate plagiarism in any form.
  • The Iniwa will not avoid publishing a story solely on the basis of possible dissent or controversy.In the interest of representing a broad range of views, The Iniwa staff will make efforts to avoid having a staff member interviewing his or her friends or classmates whenever possible and instead will seek out a broad range of background sources for any story.


  • Staff members will strive to correct any error before publication – and will correct errors after posting when necessary; if the editorial board determines a significant error has been published, a formal correction will appear on the site and remain as a part of the site’s permanent archive.
  • The duly appointed editors shall interpret and enforce this editorial policy. The Iniwa reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

Feedback Policy (Revised 10/9/06)

  • The Iniwa is an open forum for students, parents and others, to publicly engage in free expression and the discussion of issues of concern to The Iniwa’s audience.
  • Therefore The Iniwa welcomes feedback, through the use of the integrated feedback system, found on the bottom of all story pages. The Iniwa accepts general site feedback, letters to the editor, guest columns and other expressions of opinion from students, faculty, administrators, community residents or the general public.
  • The Iniwa staff will work to maintain the intent of feedback authors but reserves the right to edit all such submissions for length, grammar, potential libel, invasion of privacy, obscenity, and other factors consistent with Great Falls Public School Board Policy Number 3221 regarding student publications. In addition, the staff reserves the right to edit feedback to eliminate coarse language, racism, sexism, homophobia, misstatements of fact, comments without an obvious connection to the target story, advertising, personal attacks and material that otherwise exposes members of the Great Falls High School community to public scorn, embarrassment or ridicule.
  • Not all of the feedback received will be published. Letters to the editor are published at the discretion of the editors, with input from the staff’s advisor, based on the above-stated principles and on individual circumstances.
  • Editors will attempt to post acceptable material in a timely manner; however, school schedules and other factors may delay postings.
  • Feedback writers who do not complete all fields on the feedback form should expect that their comments may be delayed in publishing or not published at all.
  • The Iniwa staff reserves the right to track IP addresses of persons posting comments, for potential spam.
  • The Iniwa staff reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Such changes will impact all previous entries in our feedback database, and the treatment of any individual piece of feedback without notice.
  • All submitted feedback becomes the property of the Iniwa and is eligible to be selected to be reprinted in its client publications.

Privacy Policy (Revised 7/15/09)

  • General
    The Iniwa has automatic traffic logging software that records the following information about each visitor: browser type and version; IP address; operating system and basic setting, requested page(s), as well as search key phrases and keywords. This data is used strictly for statistical purposes only. We can also track, explore, and analyze sites that link to us, and the referring URL(s) may be publicized during website presentations.
  • Feedback
    Users who choose to submit feedback to stories on The Iniwa should provide their name, age, location and email address, for prompt publishing. A user’s age is collected to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Per this law, only submissions from visitors 13 years of age or older may be publicly posted. The Iniwa is not liable for inaccurate user information.
  • Cookies
    The Iniwa currently uses cookie exclusively for tracking computers that have previously voted in a Iniwa poll.
  • Information Sharing and Disclosure
    Except in the case of sponsored contests and/or sweepstakes, the Iniwa does not disclose any information collected from visitors to affiliates, advertisers, or any third-party. The name, age, and location of each visitor who submits published feedback is displayed publicly, but not one’s email address.
The School Newspaper of Great Falls High School.