Sundays at the Movies with Sara and Ada: Burlesque

A small-town girl Ali goes to LA to become a dancer. She ends up in a club called Burlesque, owned by Tess, played by Cher.  The bright lights and flashy dancing consume their world, but problems arise involving the club and certain romances.  Ali finds her way to the top, but it isn’t easy.
Ada’s Opinion:
Although I didn’t expect much from Burlesque, in the end, I was very pleased with the movie.  It was serious yet light-hearted and overall satisfied me as a viewer.  Christina Aguilera did a nice job playing the part of Ali; her great singing talent was the highlight of the movie.  Although at times a bit inappropriate, I really enjoyed this movie. It was a good romance, dance, and comedy all tied together in one. I would recommend it to all of those out there who like light-hearted, fun, easy movies.

Sara’s Opinion:

The type of movie Burlesque comes off as keeps expectations low, but it was pleasantly surprising.  It was by no means a movie of merit, but the movie was well done.  The actors, choreographers, and director obviously invested a large amount of energy and talent to make the movie more than a flashy show.  True talent was displayed as well passionate performances from the actors, many of which are vocal artists.  The plot however was completely predictable, not one thing happened that made the movie stand out from others in its genre.  Everything typical of a romance driven chick flick happened, They met, could not have each other, but needed each other, came together finally, got in a fight, and ended up together in the end.  The actual Burlesque club was the setting of the best acting and talent performances.  The character of those scenes made the movie.

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